4 Days Mount Kenya climbing.

Depart from Nairobi to the Sirimon gate   early in the morning to start the climbing. On arrival, the tour guides shall brief you on the safety measures and the basic requirements for climbing.

Mount Kenya is the second tallest mountain in Africa after Kilimanjaro with a height of 5,199 meters height. Its ice capped heights give the mountain more beauty. The dormant volcano mountain has scenic views of volcanism like the glacial valleys and the dense rain forest. The mountains dense vegetation gives home for some animals like elephants, white tailed mangoes, tree hyrax. The breath taking scenery also has   mineral springs, glaciers and lakes. Mount Kenya is well known for adventurous climbing and hiking which results to a memorable experience in Kenya.

Mount Kenya has many peaks giving it a rugged land scape with scenic view. The main peaks rise from around 4,500m to the main of Batian 5,199m, Nelion 5,188m and point Lenana 4,985m.The others on the mountain are Point Piggott 4,957m, Point Dutton 4,885 and Point John 4,883m. Of the three main peaks (Batian, Lenana and Nelion), only point Lenana can be reached by trekkers and the other two being only for technical climbers.

There are several l routes to climb Mount Kenya; Chogoria route, Narumoro, Burgeret and the sirimon route. The Sirimon route being the easiest and more scenic accessing the Batia, Lenana and Nelion peaks. Sirimon gate is about 15km from Nanyuki town. A long this route are two camping sites, Old Moses camp and Shiptons camp giving the climbers strategic places to camp and ret overlooking the peaks of the mountain.

Explore Mount Kenya’s beauty of nature as you climb up and down with evidences of elephant’s treks on the trails.

The climbing will take four days round trip, start from the Mount Kenya sirimon gate and end at the sirimon gate. For the end of the tour; you shall be taken back to your hotel.

You may be accompanied by a cook, porter and a tour guide. You should bring your food stuff.

Basic requirements for mountain climbing.

  • Bring the right gear for mountain climbing: wear clothes comfortable enough to move up and down the mountain. The weather changes the higher you go. Bring clothes which you can add or remove as the weather changes.
  • Waterproof jacket, pants Jackets, gloves and hat
  • Maps or compass
  • Emergency shelter like tent 
  • Bring sunglasses to shield you from direct sunlight
  • Sunscreen to protect your skin from sun burns
  • Food and water.
  • Flash light, battery.

The cost for climbing : Mountain climbing joining safari is 660 usd per person

                                    private  budge safari  is 780 usd per person

Included in the safari is:

Transfer from hotel to destination and back

Park fee

Entrance fee

Government taxes

Professional tour guide, porters and a skilled cook.

Accommodation on tented camps

3 meals a day.

Treated water.



Sleeping bags

Personal items


Accommodation before and after mountain climbing

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