Day trip Masai Community Village visits

A once-in-a-lifetime experience await you in Kenya

Welcome to the Maasai Country! Natural and real life for Masai people in Manyatta village with their family.

As with many tribal people the Maasai world is at the crossroads, so come see it while you still can! This day trip is one of the most remarkable—and unique—journeys you’ll ever take. The fact that you visited our website means that you’re ready to embark on a fun and life-changing Safari to Africa Kenya. As with every journey, you begin with a single step. We’d love to help prepare you for the next step and make your dream a reality. Your travel with us will be the most rewarding cultural and safari experience of any holiday in East Africa.

Experience breathtaking views of the Maasai country that will make you take a step back because there is no other place like it.

Experience how the Masai people live in the middle of the bush with zebras grazing and lions roaring just outside their homes and get to know their culture and customs on a visit to the traditional Maasai village, the local primary school or the busy market day

The majority of Maasai still practice their traditional way of life and live as pastoralists with cattle at the centre of their culture and social life. They are very proud to welcome guests and tell about their everyday life in the bush.

And its advice to carry books, pens, school bags and etc for Masai children as gift mostly masai children stay with their mother at home.

Price for solo traveler is 150 usd per day trip

Price for two person and above is 100 usd per day trip

The price includes

Transport on car or tour van depending size of the group

Masai leader guide

One liter water


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